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Board of Trustees
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Carey Alves
Jill Naylon
James McCann
Howard Clarke Kellee Wheatley
 Board approved board policies, administrative regulations, bylaws- 
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Regular meetings of the Board are normally held monthly during the school year, on the 4th Wednesday of the month, at 6:00pm in the school library at 7799 21st Avenue, Lemoore. Special meetings may be called when necessary; the agenda, location, and time will be announced in advance.  Meetings during summer months may be scheduled as necessary.
Board packets are available by clicking "Agenda" lower left column, then click on the year to open the folder with each monthly board packet. 

Our next board meeting will be May 15, 2019 - beginning in the cafeteria for the Employee Recongnition and 7th and 8th grade CJSF awards.  

 Board Vision Statement, goals and objectives: