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Island School is interested in beginning a percussions and color guard program.  

Anyone interested in

applying for being the percussions

instructor or color guard instructor


Percussions – will teach about percussions, drums, how to hold drum sticks, read music, team work, and patience. Experience in playing percussion instruments required.

Color guard –will teach how to hold, spin and toss a flag, as well as chorographed dance, team work, and patience. Experience in performing in color guard required.

When:  Tuesday and Wednesday students 3:00-4:30 – with 30 min. prep = 2 hours per day

Where:  Island School

Dates:  Approximately Feb. 6th – April 26th with a performance in the Variety Show March 3rd.  Performance shirts will be purchased for the show. 

 Please contact the office if interested. ​

Management salary schedules:


Superintendent Principal 2016-17 salary.pdfSuperintendent Principal 2016-17 salary.pdf

CBO salary schedule 2016-17.pdfCBO salary schedule 2016-17.pdf

Learning Coordinator salary schedule 2016-17.pdfLearning Coordinator salary schedule 2016-17.pdf

​Certificated Staff salary schedule:

ISLAND UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT Certificate salay schedule 2017-18.pdfISLAND UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT Certificate salay schedule 2017-18.pdf

​Classified Staff salary schedule:

Classified Salary Schedule 2016-17.pdfClassified Salary Schedule 2016-17.pdf